Artificial Intelligence

Meets Photo Processing

Frame a Face uses advanced facial recognition technology to isolate a subject's face. The user sets the dimensions and the system takes over, cropping hundreds of images in just seconds.

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The Latest Technology

In an Easy-to-Use Package

Frame a Face packages the facial recognition technology in a user-friendly interface.

It is the most advanced automated cropping system available and the easiest to use.

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Crop Large Batches of Images

Or Extract Multiple Portraits from One Image.

This intelligent software crops large batches of individual images--school photos, sports photos or business portraits--
in just minutes, cropping each image to a uniform size.

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Artificial Intelligence

Meets Photo Processing

Frame-A-Face uses advanced facial recognition technology to isolate a subject's face. The user sets the dimensions and the system takes over, cropping hundreds of images in just seconds.

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What is Frame-A-Face?

Frame a Face is a state-of-the-art application that uses facial recognition
software to crop large batches of images. Load hundreds of images,
set the cropping parameters and let your computer do the work.

Frame a Face's sophisticated facial recognition library will locate the subject's
facial features and apply a precise, uniform crop according to pixel dimensions
defined by the user.

Frame a Face is designed specifically for professional school or sports photographers
who process large batches of images. Frame a Face has quickly become an integral part
of a professional photographer's workflow, cropping hundreds of images into neat, uniform
portraits in a matter of minutes. While you sit back and enjoy your coffee!

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The Future of Automated Workflow

Frame-A-Face can cut valuable time from your current digital image workflow.

Built especially for portrait photographers, this state-of-the-art software
uses advanced facial recognition technology to scan hundreds of images
and apply user-defined crop dimensions.

Below, you will find videos and screen shots of the easy-to-use interface
as well as direct worflow application of the software.

We offer a FREE trial. No adware, no sneaky additional software. Download the software
and try it in your workflow FREE for 15 days.

Step 01 - Load Images

Step 1. Load Images for Batch Processing

After Frame-A-Face launches, click on the “Load Images” button. Browse to the folder with your batch of images and be sure to select all, using "Ctrl" key + "a" key.

Step 02 - Set Master Crop

Step 2. Set the Master Crop for Batch

Choose an image from the image tiles that is most representative of the batch. For example, one that is centered with good headroom. Click the “Set Crop” button in the original image preview pane. This will be the master crop for the batch. Set the dimensions and use the controls to draw the crop box. Click the “Apply Crop to All Images” button.

Step 3. Export Cropped Images

Step 3. Review Crop Accuracy and Export Images

Scroll through your batch to make sure that the crop has been applied correctly. You can make individual adjustments in the preview panel. Adjustments made here will only apply to the selected image (will not apply to batch). When your batch is ready, click on the “Export Images” button. You will be asked where to save the images and Frame-A-Face will export your images with the crop applied.

Step 4. Set New Crop - Head and Shoulders

Step 4. Set New Crop

Frame-A-Face can quickly convert your batch to a new crop. After exporting your first batch of cropped images, select an image as your next master crop. Select the “Set Crop” button and now change the dimensions (for example 1:1 for ID cards) and redraw the crop box around the face. Click “Apply Crop to All Images.”

Step 5. Review New Crop and Export ID Badges

Step 5. Review New Crop for ID Cards

Scroll through the image tiles and review the new head and shoulders crop for ID cards. Make adjustments as needed. When you are satisified with the crop placment, click on the "Export Images" button. This time, Frame-A-Face will save the entire batch of images cropped for ID cards.

Step 6. Export and Finished


Your images are now ready! In a matter of minutes, we created two folders, each with a different set of cropped images. One set is ready to send to the printer to fulfill customer orders and the second set can be used to batch fill ID cards.

Congratulations! By implementing Frame-A-Face into your workflow you just saved yourself time and money.

  • Step 1 - Load Batch Images

    Step 1

    Load Images for Batch Processing

  • Step 2 - Set Master Crop

    Step 2

    Set Master Crop for Batch

  • Step 3 - Review Crop and Export Images

    Step 3

    Review Crops and Export

  • Step 4 - Set New Crop for ID Cards

    Step 4

    Set New Crop for ID Cards

  • Step 5 - Review and Export

    Step 5

    Review New Crop and Export

  • Step 6 - Finished Cropping Images


    Multiple Crops Exported

Intelligent Software for Evolving Technology

The Frame-A-Face facial recognition cropping system is quickly becoming an essential tool for any photographer in a high-volume production environment. This includes large image processing centers, as well as local photographers who just contracted their first school or sports league. Many processes in a high-volume digital workflow are still repetitive, where adjustments are applied to each image in a large batch. Frame-A-Face uses facial recognition technology to take one of these workflow processes—in this case cropping—to the next level of automation, cutting time from image processing and saving money.

"Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity." -Alex White

This quote from the legendary designer summarizes the Frame-A-Face user experience. Frame-A-Face automates a mundane task (cropping/resizing hundreds of images) with elegant, intelligent easy-to-use software. Are you ready to experience the next generation of smart workflow?

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What Do Customers Say about Frame-A-Face?

The following testimonials are from customers currently using Frame-A-Face software in their workflow. Everyone who uses Frame-A-Face agrees that the user interface is intuitive and easy to use, while the software itself saves vaulable time during image processing.

"The user will intuitively understand how the software works and the actual image processing appears to be magic. This is the way software should work."

client 1 Luke Norski Software Engineer

"I take photos for several schools in my area. I used to crop just about every image in Lightroom. Now I batch them through Frame-A-Face. One batch for ID cards and one batch for portraits. I cannot even begin to calculate the amount of time it saves! "

client 2 Jane Goldmund Photographer

"We have saved so much time since the IT department installed Frame-A-Face. We use it every day and I can't imagine going back to our previous system. It is so easy to use!"

client 3 Laney Keller Photo Lab Tech

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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