Crop Setup Panel

Crop Setup Panel

Use this panel to visually edit existed presets or create your own.

When you completed your changes you should to press one of these buttons to continue:

Add as Preset… - Use this to add new preset. You’ll be prompted to name new preset.

Update This Preset… - This will update current preset with changed parameters.

Both Add as Preset… and Update This Preset… buttons don’t close editor panel. You may keep editing opened preset or you may select new preset to edit by selecting from menu Presets while Crop Setup Panel is open.

Close - Use this to close Crop Setup Panel.

Here are parameters that you may edit:

Width Aspect / Height Aspect - input Width and Height crop box proportions here.

Scale by Height - it is a size of the crop in relation to size of the detected face. If you set it to “1” - the height of the photo will be equal to calculated head size. The middle point between eyes will be at the middle of the photo, jaw line will be at the bottom side of the crop with same size above the middle point. If you set it to “2” - height of the crop will be twice bigger than height of the head. “1.50” - height of the crop will be one and half bigger than height of the head.

Face X / Y Position - This is relative coordinate of a point located between eyes on detected face. If you set it to 0.5 : 0.5 it will be at exact centre of the crop.

Auto Straighten Face - when checked the program straighten the photo in a way to rotate the image around centre of the face. See also Presets In Details - Straighten/Tilt.

Center Horizontally - By default the program use a point between eyes as a centre. But if a person on photo has is head turned sideways the point between his or her eyes is not the centre of person’s head. If you took person’s photo over plain coloured background you may ask the program to place the person in centre by leaving the same sized margins from left and right of persons head. Or if it body shot you may select to centre figure by with same sized margins from left and right of whole body. See also Presets In Details - Extra Alignment.

Find Head Top - If this one is not checked the program think that the face that you working with has ideal proportions. It means distance from centre point to lower jaw point is exactly the same as distance between the centre point and head top most point. This usually true for a person with very short hair, or bald, who keeps his or her head straight. If head is tilted, or if person have big hairdo, this distances can be different. If you enable Find Head Top option the program looks up above centre point to find the top of the head. This function works if the person stay against plain coloured background. Although it can be background of any colour as far as it plain it is better to avoid plain white or plain black backgrounds. See also Presets In Details - Extra Alignment.

NOTE: Both Center Horizontally and Find Head Top options designed to work with photos taken on plain color background or with transparent (removed) background, like green or blue screen photos. If your photo don’t have that you don’t have to use these options. Results of their work will be unpredictable.

Extra Tilt - It’s an angle to tilt the picture. Centre point of the rotation is the face centre. It Straighten option is enabled the image will be straighten at first and tilted after that. See also Presets In Details - Straighten/Tilt.

Fixed Pixel Export Width - If this field is zero, the program exports crop as large (or as small) as it was cut from the photo. If this field is not zero the program resizes crops to selected size.

Guides Inset X / Y (Pixels) - This option is to draw guide rectangle inside the crop box. Rectangle inset counted in pixels of the original image.

Horizontal / Vertical Guides - These guides are drawn over crop preview to help you with photo alignment. You may select up to three horizontal and three vertical lines here. If you want more lines you may add them by editing preset as a plain text.