Customised Workflow

We can make a special customised version of Frame-A-Face to integrate it into your existed workflow.

Frame-A-Face can get additional information from filenames, image metadata, or some external databases and select crop presets according that information.

Frame-A-Face can be modified in a way to assign different crop presets to different images in one batch and export different images in different formats. Or it can be several crop presets to one image and it exports several variants of the same image. Or combinations of all above.

Here are some ideas:

When you load a batch with school photos it will be possible to assign different crop templates to teacher and students.

It can be a system that creates and exports pictures in print formats that was ordered and paid by customers. For example one family want to order big framed portraits of their child, other want a small ID photos, third parents like to have fridge magnets, some want all available products. We can make a version of the program that will read all that information from your order system and process whole batch of photos in one run.

Please contact us via email. We will be happy to help!