Menu File

Menu File

Open Folder… - Brings up open folder dialogue. Program opens all image files in selected folder. By default the program starts face detection procedure and make crop previews with default or last used preset. You may change that at preferences panel (see Automatically scan images with last used preset after folder opening option)

If the folder was previously processed and if autobackup was enabled (See Preferences) the program will open folder in last used state, with all custom crops and presets as they were used last time.

Show Selected File In Finder - This opens Finder application focused on the image.

Save one crop… - Brings up save file dialogue and saves cropped version of opened image into selected location.

Export All… - Brings up dialogue to select folder where to save extracted crops and saves them.

Note: The program was designed to work with portrait photos with one person on photo. If the program detects more than one on photo it regarded as a problem and images with more than one face on them are painted with red bars.

When you export these images you have three variants that you may select at preferences panel:

Export all detected faces - It’s default option. Image names for additional crops are appended with suffixes -x2, -x3 and so on.

Export one face per photo. Alert when more than one face on photo - When this option is active the program display alert message There are un-reviewed images in the job, opens next problem image and waiting you to correct it. You have to select one image that you want to export.

Export one face per photo. Omit photos with zero or multiple faces - When this option is active the program exported only “good” photos with one person on photo.