Menu Presets

Menu Presets

Crop Setup Editor - This shows Crop Setup panel with currently opened photo.

Remove Preset - Expands menu with all existed preset names. Select preset that you want to remove from list and confirm.

Below are the bars with available presets. Select one to scan or re-scan all photos in the list.

See presets-in-details section for thorough preset bars descriptions.

After preset bars there more menu items:

Re-scan with current presets - Start scan procedure using presets already assigned to images in the list. Usually you don’t need that but this can be useful if you using customised version of the program where presets assigned on file opening according filenames or file EXIF information. See Customised Workflow topic.

Save Presets To Text File - This exports presets as a plain text file. You may manually edit this text in any text editor, edit or rename existed presets, create new presets, remove not needed ones and sort presets in more suitable order. See Presets In Details - Edit as text for more info.

Load Presets From Text File - Imports presets from plain text file. It reads and replace all presets. If you want to edit only one preset, you have to export all preset, edit one that you want, and import edited file.