Original Image Preview

Here is the middle panel of Frame-A-Face program.

Frame-A-Face Interface: Original image preview panel

Detected Face Position - Dotted green oval outline around the face to indicate face position.

Resizable Crop Box - The program draws black and white dotted border around detected face according parameters of active preset. You can select this crop box and resize it manually. When you resize the border with your mouse it will be scaled with face centre as centre of scaling. If you want to scale/resize crop border out of proportions you should enable Free checkbox below. You may drag outside blue dots to rotate the image. Again, face centre is a centre of rotation. After you have resized the box the image gets Custom Crop status.

Guides Inset - It’s dotted rectangle inside black and white dotted border. Adjust Guides Inset size in pixels at Crop Setup panel.

Presets menu - Right click on image preview opens menu where you may select new crop preset for currently open image. If you’ll change prest manually the image gets Custom Crop status.

Disabled top bar if the menu shows currently used preset.

Below are crop edit controls:

Extra-Angle Angle - Text box with angle value in degrees. This value shows the angle that was automatically applied by straighten or tilt option or by manual rotation by mouse. You may also edit/correct picture rotation directly in the textbox. Face centre is a centre of the rotation.

Free Free - Check this to resize crop box in free mode. On a screenshot below the crop for one single image is changed to landscape proportions while other picture are cropped in portrait mode. Image has blue color Custom Crop status.

Custom Image with Free Resizing

Following are helper controls:

Fit To View Fit To View - display whole picture fitted to view panel.

100% 100% - display the image in original pixel size

Zoom-inZoom-out Zoom In / Zoom Out

Zoom to selection Zooms in selection - Zooms in to fit selected crop area to view panel.

Click and drag mouse with Shift key pressed to move image inside viewport.

Go-To Go-To - shows the list number of selected image. Enter the number of the image you want to view here.