Presets with Masks

This type of the presets allows you to produce composite images like calendars, photos with fancy borders, or, as on example below, in circle shape.

Frame-A-Face masked preset basics

You can make these sorts of presets by editing preset lines in text file manually.

These are lines that you have to edit:

OutputPixelWidth:<NNN> // Fixed output width (Integer value)
MaskFile:<Name of file> // Path and Name of overlay mask file
MaskFaceLeft:<NNN> // Distance (pixels) from left side of mask to left of inserted image
MaskFaceBottom:<NNN> // Distance (pixels) from bottom of mask to bottom of inserted image

MaskFile: is a full path to a mask image. Mask image should be .png file with transparent areas. Cropped image placed under the mask and will be visible through transparent “holes”. In our example images the mask if a white rectangle with circular transparent hole outlined with thin black line. After the program installed you have one such mask built-in in program’s bundle. Use it as a model when you make your own masks.

NOTE: There is a default preset named Round Magnet that contain text line


magnet.png file located inside the application bundle and was added for example only. When you’ll create your own masked presets the same line must contain full file path and will look like that:

MaskFile:"/Users/<your name>/folder/another folder/your file.png"

MaskFaceLeft: Distance in pixels from left side of the mask to the left side of cropped picture.

MaskFaceBottom: Distance in pixels from bottom of the mask to the bottom of cropped picture.

OutputPixelWidth: You should explicitly set width of cropped image. Set it in a way to make the crop image under the mask to fill whole transparent area.

NOTE: In case of masked presets the output size of the exported image defined by the size of mask file. You’ll get the images of the same size as your .png file that you have used as mask.

Below are some examples of images with a masked preset. Please bear in mind that extra alignment on a solid background can make the masked pictures more uniform and consistent.

Head in center and head top

Top Simple

Masked preset aligned by head and head top

Simple Head in center and head top