Oversized crop

Frame-A-Face strighten and oversized crop

Using preset you are producing uniform images with person head in defined position within image and same looking margins around it. It may happens that original image is too small or person face is too large for used preset and cropping box is oversized and extends outside the image bounds.

By default the program shrinks the cropping box to fit within image borders while keeping the centre point of the face in the position defined by preset.

If you want to keep faces same sized and don’t care for visual background quality, for example if you making green screen photos with following background removal, you may want to keep the face size by expanding image bounds.

Outside areas will be filled with colour the same as the color of top-right point of the cropped rectangle. If you shot your models over plain colour background (like green screen for future background removal) you’ll get quite good results suitable for further work.

You can define this behaviour in program preferences for all images. It’s a checkbox named If Oversized Crop - Shrink To Fit Image Bounds.

Or you may specify it for particular presets. The option can be set when you edit presets as text file. It named OversizeMode

There are three modes:

OversizeMode:0 - uses default mode defined in preferences
OversizeMode:1 - override defaults and allow oversize
OversizeMode:2 - override defaults and shrink to fit

Below are examples of images with oversized crop. Please keep in mind that oversize may happens when you straighten or tilt the picture. Note that oversized faces have red borders in the file list.

You can review images with that problem by selecting drop down popup Contains Oversized Crop. This will leave only oversized images in the file list.

Image shrunk by default.

Frame-A-Face oversized crop was shrunk

Oversized crop, please note overextended band on top.

Frame-A-Face oversized crop overextended

Tilted image shrunk by default:

Frame-A-Face oversized crop was strighten and shrunk

Oversized shrunk inmage. Note the background added at the left-hand top corner.

Frame-A-Face oversized crop was strighten and overextended