Menu Presets

Menu Presets

First menu bar shows currently active preset.

Second menu bar expands Manage Presets sub-menu.

Third menu bar opens Manage Presets Options

Below are bars with available presets. If there are more presets than height of screen allows there are the program shows More Presets submenus.

When your mouse is over available preset you have these options to select:

Set As Default And Replace All - If this option is selected the program scan all images in the list and make crops with this preset.

Replace Preset For Opened Picture - Program applies this preset to currently opened picture only

Set As Default - Nothing visually changes but it makes selected preset currently active. When you open files next time images will be processed with this preset.

Delete This Preset… - Asks to confirm and deletes selected preset after your confirmation.

See presets-in-details section for thorough descriptions.