Original Image Preview

Here is the middle panel of Frame-A-Face program.

Frame-A-Face Interface: Original image preview panel

Detected Face Rectangle - Position of the face. You can not modify it. You can omit face or add new face position but as soon as face position defined (by automatic detection or was added manually) it can not be moved.

Resizable Crop Box - The program draws cropping border around detected face according parameters of active preset. You can select this crop box and resize it manually. When you resize the border with your mouse it will be scaled with face rectangle as centre of scaling. Press Shift key on keyboard for free resizing. After you have resized the box the image gets Custom Crop status.

Crop Setup Button - It opens Crop Setup Panel.

Add New Face Button - It turns mouse cursor into + and you’ll be able to draw a new face over the open photo in the middle view panel. Start by pointing your mouse between the eyes of new face and drag mouse the bottom of jawline. Program will use these two points to define the face. If straighten function will be enabled the face will be straighten by these points.

OMIT - Use this button to remove/omit selected face. The button is active only when face is selected.

Following are helper controls:

View controls:

Fit To View - display whole picture fitted to view panel.

100% - display the image in original pixel size

FACE - zooms in to fit detected face area to view panel.

Crop edit controls:

Revert - revert all crop box changes. Makes the crop the same as it was when you opened that window.

Undo/Redo - Undo or Redo last crop change.

Expand - expands cropping area to maximum size with respect of detected face centre and crop proportions.

Right-Click over preview image to activate popup menu.

Omit all crops on this photo - Removes all detected and/or added faces.

Restore all crops on this photo - Restores all detected and/or added faces.

Cancel all edits on this photo - Removes all added faces and undo all manual modifications. Image is not Custom Crop anymore.

Revert to Master Crop - Undo all manual modifications and set crop box by current preset.

Undo/Redo/Revert/Expand - The same as buttons below the image.

Preset Menu Bar - Display Preset Icon and description for the used preset.

Change Preset - Activates Preset menu where you may change preset for this image only.